Thanks for your interest in my crochet creations. If you have any queries, just email me on jess @ crochetjp.com

  • Do you do all the work yourself?
    All the work you see on this site is hand crocheted, one at a time, by myself and only myself. Between the raw yarn, stuffing and eyes, the only pair of hands to work the materials are my own. I do not outsource the work or purchase for resale.
  • What goes into one of your creations?
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    What is so different about your work?
  • Plastic safety eyes are glued on for extra security. I recommend french knots if the toy is for young infants.
    All my projects are done in a smoke-free environment.
    Feel free to send me your requests and preferences – I make to order which allows customization!
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  • Are your stuffed toys safe for children?
    Although every effort is made to create toys which are as safe as possible, children have a habit of finding creative new ways to expose new problems. Please let me know the age of the intended child so we can discuss the specifics to make the toy as safe as can be. I have 2 children of my own so my designs have been road-tested so to speak, nevertheless, I am unable to guarantee the safety and recommend your child is supervised when playing with crochet toys.
  • Why do your things cost XXXX?
    Well, firstly, I do not outsource the work, so my creations are truly handmade by one person. Secondly, my creations are customised, which requires additional design and testing. Thirdly, I only use top quality materials and finally, I pride myself on creating the best I can possibly do. (For more info on how my crochet works, see below)